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GROW’ER FEATURES (9/18-9/24)


Organic Tuscan
Kale Bunches

Search our site for “kale” and get 7 great kale recipes!  (pssst- Kale Llaloo…trust us;)
Online Reg- $2.79/ea

store price: $1.99/ea


justin almond and almond

16oz. Justin’s Almond &
Honey Almond Butter


Almond Butter and Jellies are the new peanut butter and jellies!

Online Reg-$15.99/ea

store price: $11.99/ea

crofters grape

16.5oz. Crofter’s
Organic Grape Jelly

Hard to make almond butter and jellies without, you know, jelly;)

Online Reg- $5.99/ea

store price: $4.49/ea


New Crop Organic
Gala Apples

Crisp, sweet, juicy & organic, Galas are a fall favorite.

Online Reg- $1.29/ea

store price: $2.79/lb


New Crop CA
pomegranate grow grocery home delivery 2

First of the season with great flavor!

Online Reg- $2.49/ea

store price: $1.79/es


2.5lb. Whole
Pork Tenderloin

pork tenderloin

Two great pork tenderloin recipes here and here!

Online Reg- $22.49

store price: $7.49/lb

What our customers are saying:

Grow’s home delivery is just what a busy family like ours needs: They’re fast, reliable, and the produce is always as fresh as it is in the store. Pamela Baker, Pacific Palisades