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GROW’ER FEATURES (10/16-10/22)


Organic Granny Smith &
Gala Apples

Pie season is almost upon us.  You should probably start practicing.  We’re happy to taste test;)
Online Reg- $1.49/ea

store price: $1.99/lb


artisan cheese 1

10% Off All Artisan Cheese


Cowgirl Creamery, MIdnight Moon, Humboldt Fog, Petite Basque, Fromage d’Affinois… All of them.  Every.  Single.  One;)

Online Reg-varies

store price: 10% OFF

10% OFF
raincoast cranberry

6oz. Cranberry/Hazelnut
Raincoast Crisps

Putting delicious cheeses on sale without putting a delicious cheese vehicle on sale seemed dumb.  So we didn’t do that;)

Online Reg- $6.99/ea

store price: $5.49/ea


Organic Heirloom Tomatoes

That we would even say anything other than these are featured would insult your intelligence;)

Online Reg- $3.49/ea

store price: $3.99/lb


2.25lb Bag
Pristine Grapes
pristine seedless grapes grow grocery home delivery 2

Your favorite grape.  On slae.  ‘Nuff said.  Oh, also with all the cheese that’s featured this week, perhaps a cheese board is in order, no?

Online Reg- $6.29/ea

store price: $1.99/lb


12oz. Harris Ranch
NY Strip Steak

meat new york

Grilling season is never over in Southern California, and don’t let anybody tell you any different!

Online Reg- $17.99/ea

store price: $17.99/lb

What our customers are saying:

Grow’s home delivery is just what a busy family like ours needs: They’re fast, reliable, and the produce is always as fresh as it is in the store. Pamela Baker, Pacific Palisades