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GROW’ER FEATURES (8/14-8/20)


All Conventionally Grown
Driscoll’s Berries

Straw-, Blue-, Rasp-, Black-… take your pick or mix and match!
Online Reg- $3.99/ea

store price: $10 for any 3



9oz. Marinated Carne Asada
Skirt Steak


You haven’t tried our Carne Asada?
Whoa!  You’re missing out;)

Online Reg-$10.99/ea

store price: $17.99/lb


2ct. Portabella
Mushroom Caps

Asada on the grill not your thing?  How do Portabella burgers sound?

Online Reg- $5.99/ea

store price: $3.99/lb.

 raincoast cranberry

6oz. Raincoast Cranberry/Hazelnut Crisps

These crackers + Mt. Tam = Good night, nurse!

Online Reg- $6.99/ea

store price: $5.99/ea

Whats a growferral square web 

CA Sweet
Yellow Corn
wh. corn 2

The season’s almost over- get it on the grill!

Online Reg- $.89/ea

store price: $.69/ea


8oz. Wild Caught
Alaskan Salmon


Oh, man, this season’s almost over, too!  Corn and salmon on the grill this weekend….Done deal!

Online Reg- $10.99/ea

store price: $19.99/ea

What our customers are saying:

Grow’s home delivery is just what a busy family like ours needs: They’re fast, reliable, and the produce is always as fresh as it is in the store. Pamela Baker, Pacific Palisades