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GROW’ER FEATURES (9/18-9/24)


New Crop Organic
Granny Smith & Fuji Apples

Don’t let the recent spate of hot weather fool you, it IS apple season!
Online Reg- $1.79/ea

store price: $1.99/lb


pamelas pancake mix 2

24oz. Pamela’s Gluten Free
Pancake Mix


We’re not saying you should make apple pancakes this weekend, but maybe you should make apple pancakes this weekend!

Online Reg-$8.99/ea

store price: $6.99/ea


Kingburg Orchards Hosui
Asian Pears

Crisp, juicy, sweet & crunchy….yep, that’s it;)

Online Reg- $1.79/ea

store price: $1.99/lb


Organic Bananas

The only way to make bananas more perfect would be to put them on GROWer….so, there you go!

Online Reg- $.79/ea

store price: $.99/lb


12oz. Bone In
GROW Pork Chops

Haven’t tried them yet?  You really should;)  For those in the know- you’re welcome!

Online Reg- $6.99/ea

store price: $7.99/lb


Annie’s Organic Bunny Snack Mix, Fruit Bunny Snack Pacs, & Cinnamon Grahams

All Annies

Snacks for the week are covered!

Online Reg- $5.99 & $6.49

store price: $4.99/ea

What our customers are saying:

Grow’s home delivery is just what a busy family like ours needs: They’re fast, reliable, and the produce is always as fresh as it is in the store. Pamela Baker, Pacific Palisades