Back to School- I Guess…


I’m not really sure when back to school memories start fading.  Maybe it was college, or high school.  Or maybe ‘back to school’ was never really a big deal for a kid.  Maybe it’s just a thing you do and you really don’t think about it.  Maybe it’s just parents that get all worked up about it.  After all, it’s your mom and dad that have their routines affected the most, right?  You’re just a kid.  You go with the flow or at the very least you go where you’re taken.  One day it’s the beach, the next it’s school.

Without getting too philosophical about the whole deal, the only thing I really remember about ‘back to school’ is an old picture of me (and no I don’t have it available to post).  There were saddle shoes, a red wind-breaker, a tucked in shirt, and a seemingly desperate need for a haircut.  The latter, I’m sure, can be added to the list of things I didn’t care about at the time;)

Let’s assume, that if it’s the last ‘back to school’ that I remember, it’s also the last back to school I cared about.  It was probably 1st grade.  That’s a whole lot of ‘back to schools’ that made little to no impression.

So, Target (or K-Mart in my ‘back to school’ days) has a sale, adults make a big panic about schedules and routines, and supplies, and whatnot.  And kids just go back to school.  I think that may be important to keep in mind.  Stay cool.  It’s just back to school.

At GROW, we’re here to help.  Recipes, home delivery, snack ideas (below).  We’re gonna keep it cool, so you can, too;)
Do kids still have to bring a box of Kleenex on the first day?

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