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When the folks with Blue Zones Project came to GROW a few years ago with the idea that together we could help make the South Bay one of the healthiest areas in the country, we said, “What the heck is a Blue Zone?”  And then we said, “yes!”

For those not in the know, or who haven’t read the articles about Blue Zones Project in the South Bay recently (here and here), Blue Zones Project is dedicated to helping communities become healthier, happier, and more vibrant by following their Power 9 principles.

Through exhaustive research the world over on the healthiest people on this marble, the Blue Zones crew found that these Power 9 principles were common throughout!

In 2011, GROW became the first Designated Blue Zones Grocery Store in California.  And starting this week, we’re teaming up with Blue Zones Project-Beach Cities to help promote number 5 on their Power 9- Getting more fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Each Wednesday, for the next 4 weeks, we’ll be giving away a specific number of fruits and vegetables FREE!

It will be on a first come/first serve basis.  Each Tuesday prior, we’ll post what the item will be on our Facebook Fan Page (here), so you can know what goodies to pick up on Wednesday (in store only).

If you haven’t checked out Blue Zones Project-Beach Cities, and all of the cool things they’re doing in the South Bay – like walking Moais, and great Meatless Monday recipes from our friends at Simple Gourmet– please do.  The link to their events page is here.

See you tomorrow- and get your Plant Slant on!