Sometimes we write about non-GMO corn.  Sometimes we write about great once-a-year recipes.  Soon I’ll be writing about all the cool fruit of summer.  We’re days away from cherries.  Apricots will be soon after that.  Then white peaches, then yellow peaches, then plums, pluots… and it’s on.

And then there are weeks like this.  The week before the cool stuff starts.  During weeks like this, we post pictures of the newest GROW team member.  Luther.

luther 2 luther 3 luther 5 luther 4

There are some weeks in the year when there’s not much fruit news.  We’re not above posting cute dog pics;)

See you next week, with cool news on cherries, stonefruit, and the addition of Raw Milk to the shop.  Until then, enjoy Luther!  (jh)