An old friend of mine used to refer to refer to community service, donating your time, volunteering and the like as “Paying your civic rent”.  If anyone reading this knows me at all, you know that I love me some old-timey sayings.  Some I can write on this page.  Some are better left unwritten.

But this one- “Paying your civic rent”- has always stuck with me.  He further explained that no one gets where they are without some help along the way, without the benefit of someone else’s civic rent check.

Giving back to the community that supports us has always been a pretty steadfast conviction around these parts.  We get asked daily to contribute in some way to an event or organization that is doing great work.  And while we are a very small business, we try to find a reason to say yes to as much as we possibly can.

When we were approached last fall about the idea for a 2 day expo highlighting green, sustainability minded, local business we were pretty much sold.  When we were told that it was meant as a one stop shop to help people green their lives, it was a done deal.

S.A.G.E Expo was born.

What does it mean to be green?  How do I become more green?  Questions we all ask from time to time.  What we like to tell people- do one more thing tomorrow than you’re doing right now.  If you don’t recycle, start.  If you go through 2 cases of water bottles a week, buy a re-usable bottle.  If you never make a purchase without re-usable bags, drive an electric car, have a house that is 100% solar powered, and make all of your own clothes from hemp yarn that you spun from a crop you organically raised….You’re good, man.  You don’t have to come out this weekend;)

Well before GROW opened in 2006, we decided that we didn’t want to bag up our customer’s purchases in plastic bags.  We’ve always used paper bags made with as much post-consumer paper as we can source.  Over the years we’ve given our morning vegetable trimmings to compost outfits, only used environmentally cool cleaners, and worked with our waste management company to further our zero waste goal.

Are we as green as we want to be?  No.  But by doing one more thing tomorrow than we’re doing today, we’ll get there.  In the mean time, we’ll keep paying our civic rent by being a part of great events like the S.A.G.E. Expo.

Please come join us this weekend: Saturday & Sunday from 10am-4pm at the old National Guard Armory @ 3601 Bell in Manhattan Beach.

We’ll be there, talking GROW and having a “Recipe Hunt” with our friends from
BREADBAR, GrowingGreat, and The Ripe Choice Catering.

What’s a Recipe Hunt, you ask?  I know a place you can find out….

See you there!  (JH)