If, like me, you grew up in the Midwest or some similarly foul weathered part of the world, Christmas, New Year’s and Chanukah (with the exception of this year’s 125 year anomaly that we won’t see again for another 8 millenia) have plenty of cold and snow to go along with all of that winter holiday cheer.

“But don’t you miss the snow?”  “Don’t you want a white Christmas?”  My answer is an unequivocal, “No!”
Not that I don’t feel some nostalgia for snowball fights and toboggan runs.  There’s a primal satisfaction comes from forming the perfect snowball that you just can’t replace with sand- proper snow density, hand warmth and a certain grace of dexterity born only from a cold weather upbringing;)
But, I had my fill.  And the joy I get from waking up on Christmas Day, walking to the beach and taking an obnoxious selfie with the South Bay as a backdrop far outweighs any yesteryear type of fond remembrances that would make me want to be back in the snow.

So, what is it like celebrating the winter holidays in Southern California?  Just like Chicago or New York or Philly.  But waaaaaaaayyyyyyy nicer!

From everyone in the GROW family to yours- Have a fun, safe, and wonderful Holiday Season!                                -JH