How do you go about adding nutritional information to over 1500 items in your online store, you ask?  Ok, well you don’t ask.  But people have.  That part of the story really isn’t all that exciting.  It’s all spreadsheets, and research, and developers, and programmers, and tired eyeballs, and some other non-very-exciting stuff.

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The question of why is more interesting.  We did it for the same reason we did the research into labeling GMOs.  It’s the same reason that we now  include easy to understand attribute icons on all online products.

 Product Attribute Pic

Eating well and feeding your family fresh, wholesome food should be easy.  But often times it’s not.  With hectic schedules, bad information, and time at a premium folks often don’t get to research their food choices as well as they’d like.

For more than seven years you’ve looked to GROW to help you make those choices.  You know we wouldn’t sell anything in the store that we wouldn’t serve our families.  Well, we still do that.  But now we do it in an updated, digital way that’s easy to access in our online store.

A couple clicks of the mouse and you can have nutritional information, ingredients, product classifications (non-GMO, Fair Trade, Kosher, etc.), servings size, and more right in front of you.

Oh, and that reason we referenced a couple paragraphs up- It’s your right to know;)