It could be an easy question to answer if we wanted it to be, right?
They’re sweet.  They taste good.  11
Uh, they’re delicious, genius;)
All true enough.

But if you really pay attention it’s more than that.

To start, they look cool.
We try not to be too superficial when it comes to fruit, but with its decidedly pebbly skin and distinctive top knot…Sumos just look cool!

Sumos are easy to peel.
Though most citrus pros wouldn’t consider them an “easy-peeler” in the same sense as they would a satsuma or clementine, Sumos peel pretty darn easy.

They section apart pretty easily.
Again, not as easily as a satsuma, but way easier than a navel or cara cara or grapefruit.

Finally, there’s the flavor, or more accurately the absence of flavor.
Before you call me crazy, let’s break it down.
An initially bracing tang that almost instantly subsides to a deep, honeyed sweetness, and eventually fades to nothing.
The sweet, tart balance is great.  It’s what makes great citrus great.
But it’s the complete finish that is really remarkable.
Barry and I talk about it every year- There’s no other piece of fruit that finishes as cleanly as Sumos.  Try it for yourself.  Eat one section and wait.
Gone within seconds of fully eating.
That’s what keeps you wanting more!
What you just had was sooo good, and then it’s flavor vanished,
and you can’t wait to try another piece;)
The season just started.
But as you likely know by now, Sumos don’t last forever.
So, enjoy, GROWers…One piece at a time;)