Everyone looks forward to Spring.  Even though the winters in Southern California are nothing close to dreadful, the daylight is still scarce, the temperature is much cooler, and after a while you just can’t take any more stews!

Of all the produce items that stand out as bellweather indicators that Spring is in fact springing, California asparagus reigns as king.  Sure there is rhubarb, and scapes, and spring onions.  But asparagus is where it’s at.

In honor of that, we decided to make this week GROW’s First Annual Asparagus Fest.  What makes Asparagus Fest?

Glad you asked;)

Asparagus Shop Blog Final

For one, we have a great price on large sized CA asparagus.  We usually only sell large or jumbo.  It’s sweeter than the skinnier kind you’ll find at other places.  It’s also easier not to overcook.  Asparagus doesn’t take long, and can get away from you if you have other things to prepare.

In addition to our original GROW Asparagus Cooking Tips, we’ve crafted GROW Asparagus Cooking Tips v.2.
Six additional preparations.  A bit more advanced than the original, but just as sure to please.

The recipes will also be available as a hard copy in the store.

With those tips & a great GROWer Price come a group of GROWer Features for the week specially chosen to complement Asparagus Fest.

Prosciutto, red and yellow peppers, Lucero Ascolano Olive Oil (a great finishing oil for asparagus), Wild Caught Dover Sole, and Manjaman Garlic 5-Spice marinated chicken.

So, enjoy Asparagus Fest, make something new this week, and say hello to Spring!