Every year a friend of mine makes his New Year’s Resolution the same- to stink less!  He figures that’s what all resolutions boil down to in the end.  Get fit, eat better, read more, drink less, go to church…whatever they may be, kind of all do boil down to “stink less”.  While funny, it may not be the most constructive of resolutions.

I’m not a resolution maker, personally.  But have always thought that positive resolutions make the most sense.  Resolving to do positive things more often will automatically reduce the amount of time to do negative things.  So why pay the negative any mind at all.  But, again, I don’t make resolutions, so what do I know;)


So many people resolve to eat better.  More fruit, more vegetables, cook at home more.  Frankly, for us to offer help in the first week of January wouldn’t have been that big a help.  Resolve was high.  Your fridge had more kale in it than you could shake a carrot stick at!

Three weeks in is when you need the boost.  You had to work late, you blew a tire, stuff happened.  Stuff that made it harder than you thought.  Your resolve has lessened.  You still want to, but…

We’re committed to helping people eating better.  Eating at home.  We think it’s better for you, too!  So, this week- to get you back on the horse- we put our healthiest meals all in one place.  Our Resolution Boosters recipe section will be up all week.  (They can always be found on our site, but we collected them just for the boost.)  Take some time to look around.  Let us know what you think.

If you make one or two of them, share them with us on Facebook, tag us on Instagram, or email us a copy.  We’d love to see it.  We’d be  stoked to help just one person get back on the resolution horse;)